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About Hua Cheng Education Centre

Established in June 2000, Hua Cheng is a premier Chinese language learning centre which provides quality, responsible, and accessible education services to our next generation. We are dedicated to creating an engaging and supportive environment, allowing our students to excel in their learning of the Chinese language.

Hua Cheng boasts of an in-house curriculum and teaching methods developed by a team of experienced NIE-trained teachers, with advice from a former associate professor from Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

Why Hua Cheng?

With a long history of two decades across 9 locations island-wide, Hua Cheng Education Centre prides itself in attaining a pass rate of 100% for PSLE Chinese results. Among these, at least 95% of our students achieve A*/As every year. As testimony to its quality and strong track record, Hua Cheng has been awarded the Singapore Prestige Brand Award in 2018.

Individualised Attention to Student Progress

Hua Cheng pays close attention to every student’s progress in class. Each term, our teachers collect every student’s school examination papers for careful analysis. This enables us to address our students’ areas for improvement, and hence better prepare them for their subsequent school examinations


Lesson delivery includes a combination of interactive games, activities, and role plays. These enhance student engagement and develop their love for the language.

Chinese Speaking Environment

Hua Cheng provides an all-Chinese speaking environment, from the moment students step in. These include Chinese-speaking non-teaching staff and classroom labels in Chinese language. This is part of our concerted effort to help students immerse in the Chinese language.

Our Courses

Preschool (ages 3 to 6)

In the Fun Nursery Course, catered to children in Nursery 1 & 2, children learn Chinese through songs and poetry (儿歌). This course provides their first exposure to read, listen, speak, comprehend and communicate in the Chinese language. The K1 Step up & K2 Language Foundation courses are aimed at equipping your child with a strong language foundation in preparation for Primary 1. K2 children are also taught Hanyu Pinyin as part of ensuring primary school readiness.


ACE Chinese Course: P1 to P6 (强化课程)

ACE Chinese Course covers every aspect of the MOE examinations, which enables your child to be well-prepared to tackle the exam questions. In this course, teachers avoid marking students’ work in class. ACE Chinese Course adopts a three-pronged approach in developing students’ mastery in and love for the Chinese language. Through this programme, students will –

  • Acquire & Apply the Chinese language

  • Cultivate Interest in the Chinese language

  • Excel in the Chinese language

Conversation, Comprehension and Writing Course (CCW): P1 to P6 (写作理解口试课程)

Conversation, Comprehension and Writing Course (CCW) is a theme-based creative writing course that targets skills-based learning, hence there is no segmentation into Higher Chinese or regular Chinese. Components taught may be reinforced across a variety of themes. Each lesson consists of three components: an essay writing practice, a comprehension practice, and an oral practice. There is no spelling component in the CCW course as this course aims to focus on sentence structure and formation.


Secondary (Secondary 1 to 4)

Hua Cheng Education Centre offers two courses for secondary school levels – Secondary Chinese Enrichment and Writing Appreciation. In the Secondary Chinese Enrichment course, students will learn how to answer open-ended questions accurately. Teachers will provide a detailed breakdown of answering techniques and pinpoint hotly-tested exam topics to them. The Secondary Writing Appreciation course will enable students to write compositions that are concise and which will score well in exams.


My 2 daughters have been attending lessons at Hua Cheng since they were P1 and N2 respectively. Throughout the years, I find that the teachers at Hua Cheng were exceptionally experienced and effective.  They are able to motivate my girls to excel. Putting my girls in Hua Cheng is one of the best decisions we have made as Chinese is the subject that I do not have to worry about. The curriculum is also highly relevant and notes given each lesson were useful for revision. I highly recommend parents to enrol their child in Hua Cheng.

Mother of 何乐颖(P6) & 何咏恩(P3)

“The teacher that is taking my son in both writing and enrichment courses is most encouraging! She is patient and always has kind words for her charges. As a parent, I am blessed that my sons get a teacher such as Mdm Chen.”

Mother of Qiu Wu Hang (P4)

“Hua cheng prepares my children well advance in their classes! Thank You !”


Hua Cheng Education Centre provides top Chinese enrichment classes for students to master the language effectively.

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    Copyright © 2021 Hua Cheng Education Centre. All rights reserved.

    Copyright © 2021 Hua Cheng Education Centre. All rights reserved.